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March Milestones

Service Awards

Name Department Years
Tung T.Phan PPA Elec & SW Eng    30
David Nam Sul Cha AE PCD Eng Svc - Fabrication    25
Hamid Shoaee AE Controls Adm and Mgmt    25
Raymond Kenneth Radau FAC Ops and Maint    20
Jose C.Regalado FAC High Volt    20
Jennifer Huang-Le Computing & OCIO Adm    15
Javier A. Sevilla FAC Engineering & Construct    15
Yolande J. Wackerman SIMES Research    15
Brad Catania FAC Electrical    10
Ana M. Gonzalez SSRL SMB Research and User    10
Tuan Hoang AE MED CAD    10
Chris S. Ramirez SSRL Computer and Networking    10
Larissa A. Williams Ind Hygiene and Info Mgmt    10
Felix K. Adikara FAC Engineering & Construct     5
Maria C. Herraez PPA Directorate Office     5
Salvador Limon FAC HVAC     5
David D. McGiven OCFO Procurement Adm     5

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