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August Milestones


Service Awards

Name Department Years
Dietrich R. Freytag PPA Elec & SW Eng    35
Charles L. Troxel Jr. Experimental Support    25
Everett S. Pierson Jr. PPA Safety    25
Jon L. Bergman SCCS    25
Amalia Jennifer Russell PCD Engineering Svs    20
David A. Steele Klystron Microwave E and M    25
Juwen Wang Acc Tech Research    20
Michael L. Scharfenstein LCLS Administration    20
Robert M. Blackwell FAC Mechanical Utilities    20
Darren S. Marsh LCLS Engr Sys & Control    15
Ricardo C. Principe Mechanical Design    15
Ronald A. Akre Klystron Microwave E and M    15
Susan N. Witebsky ES&H Environment Protection    15
Zenon M. Szalata Test Facilities    10
Donna Hernandez PPA Directorate Admin     5
Glen White LC Beam Delivery Systems     5
John W. O'Neal Controls Engineering Support     5
Matthew R. Swift PPA Mechanical Engineer     5
Philip H. Bucksbaum PULSE Experiments     5
Randy E. Aguilera MFD Plating and Cleaning     5
Robert Andrew Cameron FGST ISOC     5
Shantha Condamoor PPA Elec & SW Eng     5
Stephen D. Khamis SCCS     5
Steve W. Score Mechanical Design     5
Wendy Sisson LCLS Finance     5
Yurii I. Levashov  Metrology Magnetic Measurement     5

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