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March Milestones


Service Awards

Name Department Years
Luth,Vera G. BBR Group C    35
Jones,Richard F. FAC Safety Oversight    30
Saxton,Owen H. GLAST ISOC Dept    30
Flynn,Vickee A. IPM    25
Steger,Michelle M. SSRL User Research Adm    25
Denys,Maria D. BSD Business Applications/Supp    25
Limones,Rebecca D. PCD Engineering Svs    20
Reed,Robert B. Mechanical Design    20
Usher,Tracy L. GLAST ISOC Dept    20
Allen,Bruce W. PCD Engineering Svs    20
Rodriguez,Raymond R. PPA Elec & SW Eng    20
Arias,Nicholas C. SCCS    20
Gosal,Balbir S. MFD Plating and Cleaning    20
Kreitz,Douglas P. BSD BSLS Administration    15
Kreitz,Patricia A. TIS Administration    15
Larrus,Marc H. Power Conversion Engineering    15
Nantista,Christopher D. LC Main Linac    15
Wisniewski,William J. BaBar Collaboration    15
Do Couto E Silva,Eduardo GLAST ISOC Dept     10
Haase,Andrew Klystron Manufacturing     10
Husic,Ibrahim FAC Maint and Fabrication     10
Jenkins,Diane MFD Fabrication     10
Jones,Gerald CEF Research Support B     10
Miller,Timothy A. SCCS     10
Bradford,George FAC Rigging     10
Louie,Kayon FAC Engineering & Construct     10
Choate,William S. FAC Instrumentation     10
Fukuba Jr.,William I. SSRL ASD MS Vacuum      5
Manger,Leo J. PPA Mechanical Engineer      5
Nieland,Tom PPA Mechanical Engineer      5
Cyterski,Matthew D. LCLS AS Operations      5
Warren,Jonathan LCLS AS Operations      5

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