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October Milestones

Service Awards

Name Department Years
Gary Snowberger PCD Electronics Maintenance    40
Wilebaldo Benitez MFD Planting and Cleaning    30
Richard Goldsberry Klystron Microwave E&M    30
David Schultz LCLS Engr Physics Adm    25
Jack Hahn IPM    20
Luc Lessard MPS PPS    20
James Liu ES&H Radiation Protection    20
Barry Webb Human Resources    20
Luis Juarez Metrology Magnetic Measurement    15
Richard Malec MechDesign CAD Support    15
Bennett Pling MFD Precision Assembly    15
Rudolph Toledo MFD Fabrication    15
Hendrik Ohldag SSRL Mat Res User Supp    10
Andrei Seryi LC Beam Delivery Systems    10
Alf Wachsmann Office of the CIO    10
Thomas Abel KIPAC Computing Dept     5
Karl Flick IPM     5
Henrik Loos LCLS EP Physics     5
Guadalupe Makasyuk PPA Directorate Admin     5
Timothy Nelson Linear Collider Detector     5
Kevin Purcell Ind Hygiene and Info Mgmt     5
Venkata Samineni Office of the CIO     5
Wayne Yu Office of the CIO     5

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