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December Milestones


Service Awards

Name Department Years
Baruz,Howard L. MFD Precision Assembly    30
Holden,G. Gene FAC Res Facilities Support    30
Innes,Walter R. SLAC BBR Group E    30
Badger,Ronald K. FAC Engr and Construction    30
Zurawel,Michael H. Accel Sys Admin Dept    25
Iverson,Richard H. Accel Sys Admin Dept    25
Thunen,Peter K. FAC Operations    20
Johnson,Gregory N. ASD ES Elec Design and Maint    20
Buhrmaster,Gary SCCS    10
Lo,Man-Wah SCCS    10
Greer,Julie M. Beam Line Development    10
Dusatko,John E. Controls Electronics Engr    10
Fox,Kay E. Mechanical Design    10
Chu,Lee-Chung A. SCCS    10
Gupdnaporne,Nick Klystron Microwave E and M     5
Savanovic,Boro Facilities/Plant     5
Akerstrom,Ed LCLS Project     5
Schussman,Gregory Lee Advanced Computation Dept     5
Brown,Craig D. Controls Electronics Engr     5
Astrup,Erik FAC Information Group     5
Crow,Nancy Director's Office Admin     5
Vargas,Joe L. ASD MS Vacuum     5

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