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November Milestones


Service Awards

Name Department Years
Atkinson,Richard D. MFD Precision Assembly    25
Eichner,John Paul Klystron EE and Testing    25
Debarger,R. Scott Accel Sys Admin Dept    20
McMahon,Noel T. FAC Engr and Construction    20
Chan,Andrea LCLS Project    20
Nguyen,Sony Controls Safety Systems    20
Farvid,Ali A. MFD Plating and Cleaning    20
Lienhart,Timothy R. PCD Electronics Maintenance    20
Wolf,Zachary R. MET Magnetic Measurement    15
Bray,Arthur L. SCCS    10
Brown,Christopher MFD Precision Assembly    10
Tran,Henry ES&H Radiation Protection    10
Rochester,Jane SCCS    10
Morchi,Monica S. SCCS    10
Marshall,Stuart L KIPAC Computing Dept     5
Doukov,Tzanko I. SMB Research     5
Ortiz,Eliazar PPA Mechanical Engineer     5
Johnson,Allan Klystron Microwave E and M     5
Uplenchwar,Ravindra M. Advanced Computation Dept     5
Gilevich,Alexandra LCLS Project     5
Rogind,Debbie Controls SW Engineering     5

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