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September Milestones


Service Awards

Name Department Years
Field,R. Clive SLAC BBR Group B    35
Young, Charles C. ATLAS    30
Cassell,Ronald E. Linear Collider Detector    25
Lahey,Theresa E. Controls SW Engineering    20
Leonard,Wesley J. Beam Line Operations    20
Smith,Stephen R. Controls Beam Instr and Diag    20
Dixon,Lance J. Theoretical Physics    20
Rogers,Michael J. MET Alignment Engineering    20
Beebe,Arthur S. Klystron Manufacturing    20
Kharakh,David Accel Sys Admin Dept    20
Racine,Michael P. FAC Cryo and Elec Support    15
Martinez,Ted MFD Precision Assembly    15
Graham, Jimmie A. Klystron Manufacturing    10
Lilly,Deborah Controls Adm and Mgmt    10
Gathright,Teddy R. ASD MS Vacuum    10
Harms,Michael JJ Controls Safety Systems    10
Larsen,Alberta M. Director's Office Admin    10
Weaver,Steven R. Beam Line Development    10
Roodman,Aaron SLAC BBR Group C    10
Ogasawara,Hirohito Materials Res/User Supp     5
Pacak,Vojtech J. Klystron Microwave E and M     5
Tagle,Jerico PCD Electronics Maintenance     5
Lewis Sr.,Malcom K. PCD Electronics Maintenance     5
Marks,Ronald Experimental Support     5
O'Donnell,Helen LCLS Project     5
Weisskopf,Kimberlee M Advanced Computation Dept     5
Hau,Andrew MET Magnetic Measurement     5
May,Justin E. ILC BDS     5
Rich,David W. PPA Mechanical Engineer     5

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