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August Milestones


Service Awards

Name Department Years
Noriega, Robert Controls Beam Instr and Diag    40
Winick, Herman SSRL Director's Office    35
Hodgson, Keith PSD Director's Office    35
White, Lois M. SCCS    30
Garcia, Luciano J. Klystron Manufacturing    30
Gray, Henry PCD Electronics Maintenance    30
Collins, Brooks T. SCCS    25
Regan, Mary A. Klystron EE and Testing    20
Sopar, George PCD Engineering Svs    20
Marsiske, Helmut SLAC BBR Group C    20
Spencer, Cherrill M. ILC Mechanical Engineering    20
Jurgensen, Roger H. PCD Electronics Maintenance    15
Allan, James ES&H Radiation Protection    15
Zapata, Araceli B. BSD Purchasing    15
Johnson, Anthony S. Linear Collider Detector    15
Fuss, Brian C. MET Alignment Engineering    15
Jusino, Rodney FAC Operations    10
Rock, Judith E. Controls SW Engineering    10
Wright-Brunache, Pamela D. BSD Purchasing    10
Noble, Robert Adv Accelerator Research    10
Gonzalez, Hector FAC Operations    10
Johnson, Scot L. FAC Res Facilities Support     5
Lago, Frank MFD Precision Assembly     5
Hast, Carsten FAC Res Facilities Support     5
Tarkington, David P. PPA Elec & SW Eng     5

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