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June Milestones


Service Awards

Name Department Years
Loew,Gregory A. PPA Directorate Office    50
Williams,Stephen H. Director's Office Admin    35
Burke,David L. LSST    30
Wallace,Raymond B. PCD Engineering Svs    25
Hee,Charlotte SLAC BBR Group C    25
Yee,Chuck K. Controls Beam Instr and Diag    25
Woods,Michael B Linear Collider Detector    20
Cutino,Philip G. LCLS Project    20
Quach,Long T. MFD Precision Assembly    20
George,Martin J. SMB Operations    15
Wachter,John V. ASD ES Elec Design and Maint    15
Rabedeau,Thomas A. Beam Line Development    15
Su,Dong ATLAS    15
Imfeld,Hans L. MET Alignment Engineering    15
Rogers,James R. Mechanical Design    15
Skarpaas VIII,Knut PPA Mechanical Engineer    15
Rarback,Harvey M. ASD Controls,Central Server    10
Hollenbeck,Michael K. SMB Operations    10
Sha,Shyue-Rong TIS SLAC Library    10
Aldrich,Jeff W. MFD Precision Assembly    10
Frey,Steven R. ES&H Administration    10
Stefan,Peter M. LCLS Project    10
Graul,Thomas W. Accel Sys Admin Dept    10
Dumaop,Edward B. BSD Property Control    10
Hammer,Robert C. MFD Precision Assembly    10
Jacobson,Mark ASD MS Vacuum    10
Hogan,Mark J. Adv Accelerator Research    10
Panetta,James H. PPA Elec & SW Eng     5
Peralta,Jesse FAC Cryo and Elec Support     5
Montalvo,Michelle L. Business Services     5
Anderson,David G. Power Conversion Engineering     5
Reichanadter,Mark LCLS Project     5
Chang,Joseph F. SMB Research     5
Tran,Hoi V. MFD Precision Assembly     5
Pigula,Jeremy Klystron Microwave E and M     5
Tinslay,Jane Susan SCCS     5
Pinillos,Miguel Angel MFD Precision Assembly     5

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