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March Milestones


Service Awards

Name Department Years
Smith,Vernon R. Controls Beam Instr and Diag    45
Fitch,Joel M. Controls Safety Systems    40
Fuller,Robert W. Controls Adm and Mgmt    30
Chao,Alexander W. Beam Physics    25
Nuhn,Heinz D. LCLS Project    20
Foundoulis,Christos A. ETS Administration    20
Hoang,Frank T. Controls Safety Systems    20
Lundahl,Eric W. Metrology Quality Inspection    15
Toews,David FAC Facilities Support    10
Castillo,Francisco FAC Facilities Support    10
Johnson,Brent FAC Facilities Support    10
Cuadrado,Raimond FAC Engr and Construction    10
Bentson,Lynn D. Accel Sys Admin Dept    10
Fasso,Alberto ES&H Radiation Protection    10
Kau,Ricardo SCCS    10
Gutierrez,Jesus MFD Precision Assembly    10
Hollenbeck,William T. ASD MS Vacuum    10
Renteria,Anthony FAC Facilities Support     5
Bergmann,Uwe Materials Res/User Supp     5
Rafael,Fernando Da Silva ASD Electrical Systems     5

Obituary: Cameron George Pierce, Jr.

We are sad to notify you that after years of fighting with Parkinson disease, Cameron G Pierce, Jr., a resident in Palo Alto, passed away on Feb. 22 2008 in Stanford Hospital at the age of 64. Born in Syracuse New York on May 3rd, 1943, Cameron attended San Marino High school. He joined US Air force in 1967. After working in the Jet Propulsion Lab and Philco Ford company, Cameron settled in Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, where he worked for twenty five years as a design engineer. His favorite activities were surfing, shortwave radio, and "oldies but goodies" Cam is survived by his sisters, Gloria Andrews of San Jose, Marcia Neville of Paso Robles, Maurice Neville, brother-in-law, of Paso Robles, Nephews: Nathan Johnson of Felton, Erik Johnson of San Jose, Seth Andrews of Riverside, Morgan Neville of Eagle Rock, and Megan Goodwin of Glasgow, Scotland. Memorial services will be held in mid May, 2008. Please contact or for details.
Published in the San Jose Mercury News on 3/8/2008.

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