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October 2006 Milestones (Milestones Archives | Submission Form)

Service Awards

Name Department Years
Leslie M. Normandin BSD Property Control 35
Roslind M. Pennacchi Operations Directorate Admin 30
Benjamin D. Scott Mechanical Services 30
Ho N. Dong Mechanical Design 15
Freeman Owens CEF Research Support B 15
Cheryl O. Hultquist Accel Sys Admin Dept 15
Norman P. Queral BSD Property Control 15
Mark R. Convery SLAC BBR Group B 10
Victor J. Rey Klystron Elec Engr & Testing 10
Cecile G. Limborg LCLS Project 10
Daphne Mitchell BSD BSLS Administration 10
Slawomir Zalog CEF Research Support B 10
James W. Peck Beam Line Development 10
Robert Jusinski Klystron Manufacturing 5
Olga Iakovleva PPA SLUO 5
Paula Grenda CEF Site Engineering/Maintenan 5
Amedeo Perazzo PPA Elec & SW Eng 5
Henry Van Den Bedem Joint Center for Structural Genomics 5
David Dowell LCLS Project 5
John L. Mitchell SMB Research 5
Tofigh Azemoon SCCS 5
Jerome Hastings LUSI Project 5
Serena DeBeer George SMB Research 5
Barbara Blum CPE Administration 5
James T. Winstead CEF Site Engineering/Maintenan 5
Bo Hong Klystron Microwave E&M 5
Wendell L. Agot ES&H Radiation Protection 5


Bill Walsh Bill Walsh passed away on September 13, 2006, at the age of 90. He was a good friend and will be missed by all those who knew him when he worked at SLAC.

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