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Introducing... Turner Construction and Jacobs Facilities

(Photo - Tina Smith and Rick Vincent)Building the LCLS is a grand endeavor. It will require designers, contractors and several hundred construction workers. SLAC has partnered with two outside companies to build the LCLS: Jacobs Facilities Inc. for the architectural and engineering designs and Turner Construction Company for construction management.

Construction on two smaller projects—the Sector 20 Laser Facility and the Magnetic Measurement Facility in Building 81—is nearing completion, and major construction for the LCLS is gearing up with tunnelers, plumbers, and mechanical and electrical contractors arriving at SLAC in the next few months.

Jacobs Facilities Inc.

Jacobs Facilities Inc. is one of the world’s largest architecture, engineering and construction organizations with some 40,000 employees worldwide. The company has provided design services for the LCLS tunnels and buildings as well as electrical, mechanical and utilities systems.

"We've brought in employees from a number of different offices around the U.S., giving SLAC the benefit of our large organization's best available resources," said Jacobs LCLS Project Executive Mohummad Siddiqi.

Jacobs Facilities Inc. has worked at many one-of-a-kind DOE research facilities, including Oak Ridge National Lab's Spallation Neutron Source and Lawrence Livermore National Lab's National Ignition Facility.

Jacobs Facilities Inc. has completed and issued the construction documents and will provide the construction administration services during construction phase using mostly off-site staff.

Turner Construction Company

The bulk of the new faces at SLAC will be those of the Turner Construction Company. As the LCLS project's general contractor and construction manager, Turner Construction will hire and supervise subcontractors to build the LCLS tunnel and all project buildings.

SLAC and other DOE labs will build the scientific equipment, but Turner is responsible for constructing everything else related to the LCLS conventional facilities: from the tunnels to the CLOC (Central Lab Office Complex) building. To do all this, Turner will hire several subcontractors, bringing as many as 200 workers to the site at the peak of construction.

Although Turner has never before worked with SLAC, they have overseen the construction of several buildings on the Stanford campus as well as hospitals and laboratories, clean rooms and high rise residential complexes.

"It's a pleasure to work with SLAC," said Turner Senior Project Manager Tina Smith (above left). "This is a very exciting project."

Turner Construction Company 
Jacobs Facilities Inc. 

—Kelen Tuttle
   SLAC Today, April 3, 2006