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LCLS Opens Drive Laser Facility

(Photo - Sector 20 ribbon cutting) SLAC celebrated another major LCLS milestone Friday with the commissioning and ribbon-cutting ceremony of the Sector 20 building.

A festive atmosphere of refreshments and balloons prevailed and approximately 30 attendees looked on as Project Manager Robert Law, Conventional Facilities Systems Manager David Saenz, and University Technical Representative Jo Beth Folger presented Director of LCLS Construction John Galayda with a symbolic Very Large Key (VLK) to the building.

Since 1962, the Sector 20 site has consisted of a small alcove positioned about a third of the way down the linac. Robert Law said that the original structure was unsuitable for housing the sensitive drive laser and required construction of a new building from footing to roof.

The new building comprises a much more sophisticated heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system designed to regulate the environment around the drive laser and cathode gun. The site also boasts a new, more robust transformer that feeds into the Motor Control Center at Sector 20.

The next step, according to Alan Miahnahri, optical layout mechanical engineer, will be the installation of the laser tables that will support the drive laser system.

"Having completed the Sector 20 building, the excitement is just beginning," said Galayda. "This paves the way to commissioning the rest of the LCLS Free Electron Laser."

—Brad Plummer
   SLAC Today, May 22, 2006

Image: David Saenz looks on as John Galayda cuts the ribbon to officially open the LCLS Sector 20 drive laser facility.