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Staying Safe in the Klystron Gallery

The highlight of nearly all SLAC tours is the Klystron Gallery. From the visitor's alcove, the gallery stretches farther than the eye can see. As majestic as this two-mile open structure is, it contains many hazards including vehicular traffic, construction zones, radiation, fires, excessive noise, extreme levels of electricity, and even wild animals.

Vehicular traffic
Electric carts zipping from one end of the gallery to the other can sneak up on visitors. Please look carefully up and down the gallery before entering. Outside the gallery, yield signs should be respected. Remember, however, that large vehicles have the right of way in any direction.

Electrical hazards
The klystron gallery is designated an Experimental Area. Electrical hazards may exist in the form of exposed energized electrical conductors.

The klystron gallery is a Radiologically Controlled Area (RCA). Only people who have received proper training or who are accompanied by someone with radiation training should enter this area.

Noise levels
The klystron gallery is quite noisy. Because extreme noise levels can impair hearing over a period of time, please use the ear plugs available in all I&C alcoves if you remain in the gallery for longer than a quick visit.

Construction Zones
Construction zones including Sector 20 require special personal protective equipment such as hard hats, safety glasses and hard toed shoes. Please obey construction signs.

Smoke and Fire
Considering the large amount of high power equipment that is operating in the gallery, there is a potential for smoke and fire. If you smell smoke call Main Control at 2151. They will in turn call Power Electronics Maintenance (PEM) who will investigate. If you see fire or smoke call 9-911 then MCC. In either case leave the area so as not to inhale potentially hazardous fumes.

Wild Animals
On occasion, animals will wander into the gallery, including wild and poisonous ones. If you see a trapped animal, please contact security at 2551. Security are trained to contact the proper authorities if required.

—Jim Craft, July 11, 2006