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Upgrading PeopleSoft Financial Applications

Calendar Countdown to the PeopleSoft Financials 8.8 Upgrade
May 2006 – Purchasing Actions

Special Note: No purchase requisition can be in "Pending Approval" status in our PeopleSoft system after 2:00 p.m., May 11th


Procedure for "Emergency" (Paper) Purchase Requisitions

Everyone in the SLAC community is encouraged to submit Purchase Requisitions within the calendar dates/cutoff times shown on the previous page.

We recognize, however, that some urgent purchases that cannot appropriately be made with the P-card** (SLAC credit card) might be necessary during this short shutdown period.

To meet this need, the following interim internal procedure will be used for bona fide "Emergency" requisitions that must be placed during the shutdown of PeopleSoft on May 12th, 15th and 16th.

1) Emergency manual paper requisition forms will available from the Purchasing Department (A&E Building 041) and the Stores Department . Please contact Tom Murphy in Stores at Ext. 3582 or Cory Perreras in Purchasing at Ext. 2641 to obtain a paper requisition form.

2) Departmental personnel who are faced with having to get an emergency procurement completed during the time PeopleSoft is down, need to pick up the paper requisition form, fill it out completely, obtain all appropriate approval signatures and then hand-carry the completed paper requisition form back to Purchasing for emergency processing.

** Purchasing encourages the continued utilization of the P-Card (SLAC credit card) program during this shutdown. Please note that P-card purchases can only be made within the established guidelines, policies and procedure for P-card use.

For any questions on this emergency procurement process, contact: David Pindroh, Deputy Purchasing Officer Office: (650) 926-8515 Fax: (650) 926-2000


Calendar Countdown to the PeopleSoft Financials 8.8 Upgrade
May 2006 – Accounting Functions


The PeopleSoft Financial System 8.8 Upgrade Survival Guide –
Questions and Answers to help you through this brief PeopleSoft shutdown…

Question: What are the dates that PeopleSoft financial applications will be unavailable?
Answer. We will be cutting off all transactional systems to PeopleSoft Financials at 5:00 p.m. on May 11th and will be offline through May 16th.

Question: Will I have access to certain on-line purchasing functions during this time?
Answer. Yes. During this 3-day downtime, you can continue to use the BIS online purchase requisition system to get reqs approved through your division/department and to your operator (these orders will be placed after May 16th when we go live with the new PeopleSoft system, but you can use the web on-line forms to get reqs ready), you can also produce Blanket Order Releases (BOR's) throughout this period. Additionally, you can continue to order chemicals and gasses in the normal manner through the Haas on-line system during this period.

Question: Will I have access to any on-line financial information while PeopleSoft is unavailable?
Answer. Yes. You can view all of your financial information through the online Business Information System (BIS), ARF, and SED. Make special note, however, that the information will be a snapshot of the data as of 5:00 p.m., May 11th.

Question: How will you be handling issuance of AP checks and special payments during the outage? Also, can I get an emergency special payment made if it is unavoidable during this time?
Answer. There will be no regular AP checks issued for vendor and special payments during the financial system outage period. If you have an emergency payment request, you need to obtain CFO Mimi Chang's (Ext. 3244) or Yen Tran's (Ext. 4230) approval.

Question: What is the cutoff date and time for requests for invoice payments and special payments? Additionally, are wire payments affected by the outage?
Answer. The cutoff date/time for all invoice payments (including special payment requests) is Thursday, May 11th, by 10:00 a.m. However, wire payments still can be processed during this outage period.

Question: What is the cutoff date for charge number requests?
Answer. All charge number requests need to be submitted to the Accounting Office no later than 4:00 p.m., Wednesday, May 10th.

Question: When will you "go live" with the new 8.8 PeopleSoft financial system?
Answer. The new version of PeopleSoft and all its new functionality will be up and ready to use by 5:00 a.m. Wednesday May 17th.

If you have any further questions about services available during this PeopleSoft upgrade time, contact Doug Kreitz, Business Services Division,, Ext. 4550.

Improvements SLAC will see with PeopleSoft 8.8

  • Functional enhancements. BAS was able to eliminate various in-house designed customizations (in 7.52) and leverage delivered functionality, many in Procurement. New Procurement 'Buyer Center' for PO management.
  • Technology change and opportunities. Web based application (current version windows based) making it available to broader audience of users (current version requires Citrix - limited audience).
  • Leverage integration technologies which streamline business processes. For example; Enable "Business 2 Business" with vendors and suppliers for eProcurement. Real-time validation and input of electronic Vendor invoices into Financials 8.8.
  • SLAC infrastructure improvement. Deployment of Financials 8.8 in a newly designed SLAC secure network ("Extremely Private Network 2" - EPN2). Continue to protect Business Systems (cyber security) and enable deployment of Business Information directly in/out of Financials 8.8 to a broader SLAC community.
  • For example, eProcurement start of self service application. (Deployed in phases) Advantage, reduce double entry of requisitions (currently; first into BIS then PS, very near future (4-6 months) - directly into PS).
  • A Business Information System that provides users with real-time data entry and access. (BIS web pages show data collected from snapshots, not real time) With this upgrade BIS web pages will be replaced by Financials 8.8 web pages.