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First Ashley Fellow Inducted Into Golden Key Honour Society

(Image - Nick Arias)Nick Arias, ILC Division Computing Administrator and the first recipient of the Alonzo W. Ashley Career Development Fellowship, has been inducted into the Golden Key International Honour Society, an academic society recognizing and encouraging scholastic achievement, excellence and service.

At the Cal State Hayward presentation, Alexander D. Perwich II, Executive Officer of the Society, said, "It is only fitting that a high academic achiever like Nicholas be recognized by Golden Key. Our members are inspired and motivated by the challenge not only to be recognized for their outstanding accomplishments but also to make a positive impact on our world through the Society's commitment to service."

Arias's career at SLAC is exemplified by accomplishment and service. He joined SLAC in 1990 after leaving the U.S. Marines, first in Document Control where he learned from the ground up and started to develop a fascination with repairing equipment. Later he became interested in learning about the software and hardware controlling many of the machines. Since transferring to an administrative position in NLC, (which became ILC after the international decision to adopt cold technology for the Next Linear Collider) in 1998, Arias's computer skills have grown. He is now the computer czar for the ILC group and continues in his usual efficient and cheerful way to keep computers running, repaired and updated.

In addition, he continues with his service to the community, working with horses and children. He gave horse rides to two classes of 25 preschool children—and their parents—in Union City, California. He is also an accomplished musician who dedicates time to kids without other means to have music lessons.

Arias used the Ashley Fellowship to attend Cal State Hayward full-time for a year to shorten the time to complete his eagerly desired bachelor's degree, a life-long aim. Arias will receive not one, but two, Bachelor of Arts degrees this year, one in Multimedia and the other in Digital Design, with additional course work in English and Mathematics. However, two Bachelor degrees are not enough for him. He has applied to DeVry University to extend his technical knowledge of hardware and software and hopes to earn a BS within the next couple of years.

Arias has worked full time at SLAC since his fellowship year and has carried a heavy academic load along with his community service. The good cheer and optimism that he uses to approach his life ventures have brought him a long way.

—Albe Larsen
    SLAC Today, August 8, 2006