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SLAC Awards 2006 Globies

The 2006 Employee Recognition Awards ("globies") have been awarded this year to 33 deserving recipients across SLAC:

Ron Akre
Richard Altieri
Lauren Barbieri
Carol Bechtel
Scott Blankenship
Betty Eaton
Paul Emma
Laurie Escudero
Ute Hayes
Donna Hernandez
Maria Herraez
Carmella Huser
Diane Jenkins
Sharon Jensen
Hope Johnson
Peter Kim
Melinda Lee
Shannon Leone
Harvey Lynch
Regina Matter
Eddie McGee
Randal Melen
Martin Nordby
Joe Olszewski
Kevin Purcell
Liam Robinson
Joe Rogers
Erin Shatara
Martha Siegel
Yen Tran
Diana Viera
Keith Washington
Ken Zhou

The globie awards are about people promoting a positive, respectful, and harmonious work environment. It is about good citizenship and making people around them enjoy being here at SLAC.

Some of the things mentioned in the nominations were:

When graduate students in our group have a hard time with work and the advisor is too distracted or not readily available, we all go to him and he always has time for us.

She gets along extremely well with everyone in the group, as well as all our visitors, because of the respect she shows them all, from graduate student to senior professor.

He always volunteers for any sort of divisional activity, such as our BBQ and lunches, or our disaster drills, wherever he's needed. I also often see him helping at other SLAC activities, though I don't know if he's an official volunteer for them or just doing his typical "jump in and help" when he sees a need.


When they got their notifications, here are some some of the things the 2006 Globie awardees had to say:

I was surprised and pleased that somebody would acknowledge me in that way.  It feels good to know I'm appreciated at SLAC. (Kevin Purcell)

I'm flattered, and honored to even be considered for a Globie. It definitely made my day, when I opened up the mail and saw it there staring me in the face, I almost couldn’t believe it. (Keith Washington)

It's such a surprise, and an honor. I think it's great that SLAC has this system in place to encourage a friendly and happy working environment! (Melinda Lee)


Thank you to everybody who sent in a nomination this year, and congratulations to the 2006 awardees!


—Larissa Williams
   SLAC Today, April 13, 2006