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Photo Gallery: SCI-ARC Visualizations

"Temporal topology coincedence diagram," by Kristopher Conner

"5n dimensional dynamic particle simulation," by Kristopher Conner

"Fourier analysis of 5n dimensional system," by Kristopher Conner

Initial research into theories of quantum fluctuations gave rise to visual research studies into behaviors which are driven by perceptible but unidentifiable rule sets. Issues of adjacent interactions, systemic acceleration, and acceleration into relative stasis are considered. For the following three images, Matthew Majack wrote computational procedures in a C++ variant (MEL scripting) define rule sets for the dynamic behaviors of two sets of generic "strands."

As the strand ends move to within a determined radius from one another, they lock into coupled sets and create a dense visual event.

The void between the strand sets becomes defined as an event space. Each visual event seeds that region of cartesian space for greater probability of more events, accelerating the density of events near that point in space and pushing the system towards stasis.