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Linear Collider Industrial Forum Comes to SLAC

(Photo - ILC Industry)

The Linear Collider Forum of America (LCFOA) will hold its Spring 2006 meeting at SLAC on May 1-2. The LCFOA is an organization of manufacturers and civil construction firms that support the ILC and are interested in participating in its construction. They keep up to date with R&D developments through semiannual meetings such as this one.

The LCFOA provides a partnership between its industry members and government, National Laboratories, universities, the ILC Global Design Effort (GDE) and the Americas Regional Team supporting the GDE throughout all phases of the ILC program.

Interested parties can register for this meeting online or on-site starting at 8:00 a.m. on May 1 in the ROB's Redwood Room lobby. There is no registration fee. The meeting will open at 9:00 a.m. with a welcome by Ken Olsen, Executive Director of LCFOA, followed by plenary talks by Barry Barrish, head of the international ILC Global Design Effort, and Gerry Dugan, head of the ILC Americas program. The full agenda of talks and working groups is posted at on the menu bar under SLAC May 1, 2 Agenda. Working group room assignments will be posted in the Redwood Room lobby on May 1. For further information contact Albe Larsen, x2748, or Ken Olsen.

—Albe Larsen
   SLAC Today, April 27, 2006