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In the Spotlight: March 2011 Spot Awards

(Photo - Spot Award certificate and gift cards)
A Spot Award brings with it the certificate shown and your choice of gift card. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

Sometimes it's not what you do, it's how you do it.

Simon Ovrahim, of SLAC's Security and Emergency Management group, saw that in action from master mover May Pon of the Facilities Support group and her moving minions, Stephanie Johnson and Jill Bentz, along Anthony Renteria from the Facilities Labor Pool. Johnson planned and organized the move of Ovrahim's team into the new Security Building, while Bentz backed her up and Renteria worked with the contractor who actually moved everything.

"The two ladies did a lot of work preparing for this move," Pon said, "while Anthony was instrumental in making sure furniture, equipment and boxes were moved from the old office and set up correctly in the new one." She said adding that tardy furniture, inclement weather and last-minute receipt of the occupancy certificate kept them wondering until the last whether they'd be able to carry it off.

But when Ovrahim and team moved in the next Monday they found the building ready for them.

"All we had to do was unpack," Ovrahim said. "Everything else was done. The amount of preparation they did alone—it was amazing." According to Ovrahim, Pon's team supported his people every step of the way, offering packing advice and boxes, meticulously measuring furniture, creating detailed maps of the layout in the new offices, gathering requirements for the badging and training areas and making sure phones and computers were hooked up.

"I don't often say this about moving," Ovrahim said, "but the whole experience was amazing."

Pon and her team, along with 22 other SLAC employees who provided amazing experiences, received Spot Awards in March for their exceptional performances in the areas of Safety and Security, Environmental Stewardship, Process Improvements, Teamwork and Good Citizenship or Extraordinary Effort.

Teresa Juarez, the Spot program administrator in the Human Resources Department, again wants to remind Spot Award recipients to respond to their e-mail notification with their choice of gift card. If you see your name listed below and you haven't yet responded, there's a card waiting for you.

March 2011 Spot Award winners: Richard Altieri, David Anderson, Lauren Barbieri, Paul Bellomo, Jill Bentz, Angelica Burdios, James Burtnett, Ginger DeContreras, John Escudero, Vickee Flynn, Allan Freese, Aaron Gooch, Stephanie Johnson, Darrell Jones, Melissa Lim, Magdalena Loera, Barbara Mason, Maria Mastrokyriakos, Aaron Jon Monteleone, Naomi Nagahashi, Anita Piercey, May Pon, Paul Regalado, Anthony Renteria, Beth Sargent, Toni Tran, Susan Witebsky, Stephanie Woodard (twice).

—Lori Ann White
SLAC Today, April 1, 2011