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On the Spot: December through February Spot Awards

(Photo - Spot Award certificate and gift cards)
A Spot Award brings with it the certificate shown and your choice of gift card. (Photo by Lori Ann White.)

Laura Burns-Wood, with the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource, found herself truly in need of some exceptional aid when her appendix burst a week before an important SSRL review. With one e-mail and one phone call she was able to notify her colleagues of work remaining to be done. Upon her return to work, she found that her team was ready for the review.

"Everybody pitched in and did an amazing job," Burns-Wood said. "We have a great team." She thanked her teammates with Spot Award nominations, only to find her own work for the review recognized with a Spot Award as well. "I was really surprised," she admitted. But pleasantly so.

SLACers from Fikret Alisic to Slawomir Zalog received Spot Awards for exceptional work during the past three months. The Spot Award program, begun in May 2009 and revamped and reintroduced in December, recognizes SLAC employees for exceptional work in one or more of several areas. These include Safety and Security, Environmental Stewardship, Process Improvements, Teamwork, and Good Citizenship or Extraordinary Effort.

Anyone at SLAC can nominate a colleague, either through their own supervisor or the nominee's supervisor. Nominations are not restricted to one's own group or directorate. Honorees receive their choice of $25 gift cards to Target, Stanford Book Store or Cinemark Movie Theaters with a limit of two gift cards per award.

Teresa Juarez, the Spot program administrator in Human Resources, would like to remind Spot Award recipients to collect their gift cards. "There are a few employees who have not responded to the notification e-mail," she said. So if you see your name listed below and you suddenly realize you've been so busy doing good deeds you forgot about your award, simply respond to the original e-mail with your choice of gift card.

December 2010 Spot Award winners:
Stacy Amann, John A. Blomdal, Michael D. Cook, Natalie A. Cramar, George R. Crane, Raimond Cuadrado, Rujjira Kong, Fred Gene Kraese, Barbara Mason, Maria Mastrokyriakos, Ramona Miahnahri, Paul E. Regalado, Theodore Shab, Wendy Sisson, Madhu Swaminathan, Michael Trinh, Edwin Sunga Viray.

January 2011 Spot Award winners:
Robert M. Blackwell, James W. Bringetto, James Ellis Brummel, Timothy Joe Carnes, William S. Choate, Lisa Christensen, Jim Craft, Janice V. Dabney, Erica Dean, Ginger DeContreras, Matthew Lyle Gibbs, Harry Gong, Rod W. Harrison, Sandra Faith Henderson, Karen Horovitz, Marcus E. Keenan, Allan Lazarus, Steve Liebelt, Barbara Mason, Michelle Montalvo, Ben Morris, Naomi Nagahashi, Eliazar Ortiz, Bruce S. Patten, Norman Picker Jr., Sebastian Poitier, Raymond Kenneth Radau, Cherrill M. Spencer.

February 2011 Spot Award winners:
Fikret Alisic, Lauren Barbieri (twice), Constantin M. Brotoiu, Laura Burns-Wood, Leonel Campos, Jeremiah M. Camuso, Elizabeth Caplun, Stephanie Carlson, Andrea Chan, Teri Church, Robert D. Cowles, Natalie Cramar, Janice V. Dabney, Chip Dalby, Franz-Josef Decker, Ricardo Delgado, Ernest Denys Jr., Edgar Estebanez, Blake Anthony Flaherty, Gail Fong, Regina Franco, John Phillip Fryer IV, Barbara Hemstad (twice), Sandra Lynn Honl, Cheryl O. Hultquist, Cindy Lowe, Maria Mastrokyriakos, Ramona Miahnahri, Michelle Montalvo, Michelle Nolen, Helen O'Donnell, Luis E. Perez, Anita Piercey, Jean-Raymond X. Pierre, Jeremy Pigula, Linda Price, Jennifer Prindiville, Chris Ramirez, Claudia Ransom, Boro Savanovic, Shawn Severinsen, Martha Siegel, Todd Slater, Garima Srivastava, Gregory Stewart, Marianne Lee Taliaferro, Debbie Tryforos, James L. Turner, Diana H. Viera, Michelle Young, Slawomir Zalog.

óLori Ann White
SLAC Today, March 7, 2011