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In the Spotlight:
April 2011 Spot Awards

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The SLAC Service Awards dinner in March was a pretty special occasion. Good food in plush surroundings, live music, an opportunity to don 3-D glasses—nights out don't get much better than that.

Two people who labored behind the scenes to help make their coworkers' evening truly memorable were SLAC Archivist Jean Deken and SLAC graphic designer Greg Stewart. Deken put together a slide show highlighting SLAC events during the attendees' years of service—20, 30, and even 40 years worth—and Stewart produced the commemorative booklet given to all Service Award recipients.

"I tried to focus on the individuals being honored," Deken said, which chiefly meant hours combing through old SLAC photos, searching for just the right images.

Stewart worked closely with Human Resources staff to give the booklet a fresh new look. "I was really happy to work with them developing a new design," Stewart said. "This is such an important keepsake for these employees."

Deken said she was happy to do her part as well. "I think everyone appreciates being recognized."

Stewart and Deken, along with 48 other SLAC employees, received Spot Awards in April for exceptional performance in the areas of Safety and Security, Environmental Stewardship, Process Improvements, Teamwork and Good Citizenship or Extraordinary Effort.

Remember, anyone at SLAC can nominate a colleague either through their own supervisor or the nominee's supervisor, and nominations are not restricted to one's own group or directorate. Honorees receive their choice of $25 gift cards for Target, Stanford Book Store or Cinemark Movie Theaters, with a limit of two gift cards per award.

Teresa Juarez, the Spot program administrator in Human Resources, would again like to remind Spot Award recipients to respond to their e-mail notification with their choice of gift card. If you see your name listed below and you haven't yet responded, rest assured there's still a card waiting for you.

April Spot Award winners: Khalid Ahmed, Nicholas Arias, Richard Atkinson, David Earl Bostic, James Bringetto, Richard Burge, Jeremiah Camuso, Timothy Joe Carnes, Randall Chase, Emily Dea Chow, Eric Colby, Jean Deken, Justus Freeman, Zheqiao Geng, Mike Hughes, Scot Johnson, Darrell Jones, Suchitra Kandhi (3), Maggie Loera, Maria Concepción Martell, Mary Mathew, Ramona Miahnahri, Michelle Montalvo, Monica Morchi, Saravanan Natarajan (2), Tom Nieland, Peter Noonan, Luis Perez, Miguel Pinillos, Bisvas Pokala, Bennett Poling, Corrine Purcell, Claudia Ransom, Ramulal Rayaroth, Juan Diego Regalado Baez, Jeff Robert, Mike Robertson, Rodolfo Sison, Prithivi Sharma, Howard Smith, Garima Srivastava, Gregory Stewart, Marianne Lee Taliaferro, Charles Taniguchi, Debbie Tryforos, Stephanie Mason Weitzenkamp, Sharon West, Stephanie Woodard, Hanna Zemene.

—Lori Ann White
SLAC Today, May 9, 2011