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Service Awards Celebrate Decades of SLAC Service

(Photo - 2011 SLAC service awards dinner)
The service awards dinner took place at the Stanford Faculty Club. (Photo by Brad Plummer.)
(Photo - 2011 SLAC service awards dinner)
SLAC Director Persis Drell (right) congratulates Jim McDonald on his 40 years at SLAC.
(Photo by Brad Plummer.)
(Photo - 2011 SLAC service awards dinner)
Awardees (from left): Hector Prado, John Azevedo, Len Moss, Jim McDonald, Jeff Olsen, Joe Stieber, Mike Saleski, Teresa Juarez, Eric Bong, Alan Fisher, Dian Yeremian, Mattie Pace, Chris Adolphsen, Jim Simpson, Joe Olszewski, Ric Claus, Robert Conley. Kneeling: Boni Cordova-Grimaldi and Michelle Smith-Strand. (Photo by Brad Plummer.)
(Photo - 2011 SLAC service awards dinner)
Attendees enjoy a 3-D slideshow at the service award celebration.
(Photo by Brad Plummer.)

On Wednesday, March 30, SLAC celebrated the milestones of 42 employees reaching 20, 30 and 40 years of service at a lively dinner at the Stanford Faculty Club. The euphonic tones of Leonard Webb's Jazz Duo played in the background as recipients dined with lab Director Persis Drell, senior staff members and invited guests. Uwe Bergmann from the Linac Coherent Light Source gave an entertaining and enlightening presentation chronicling his personal journey to being a SLAC physicist. Donning 3-D glasses, attendees viewed slides of Archimedes' writing on parchment by way of X-ray fluorescence imaging achieved at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource. Bergmann showed examples of detailed X-ray images from SSRL of dino-bird Archaeopteryx all the way down to the shape of its feathers. He also spoke on the special structures of water.

Human Resources Department Director Larry Young offered the following remarks to the awardees:

So, I hope you all pause and celebrate this moment, this step in the journey of your life. It is an achievement in and of itself, whether tonight is twenty, thirty, forty years of contribution and commitment to the advancement of human knowledge.
Truly, few pursuits could be considered nobler than that.

Persis distributed the awards. The honorees were:

40 Year Service Award:
James McDonald

30 Year Service Award:
Clifford Blanchette
Karl Bouldin
David Brown
Robert Conley
Boni Cordova-Grimaldi
Louis Fernandez
Leonard Moss
Jeff Olsen
Mattie Pace
Tung Phan
Hector Prado
Joseph Zelinski

20 Year Service Award:
Chris Adolphsen
Scott Anderson
John Azevedo
Eric Bong
Craig Butler
Brian Choi
Dumitru Ciorbea
Richard Claus
Evan Economos
Alan Fisher
Michael Hug
Teresa Juarez
J. Brian Langton
Gibson Locke
Ian MacGregor
Stan Mao
Takashi Maruyama
Joseph Olszewski
Robert Pushor
Raymond Radau
Jose Regalado
E. Michael Saleski
Lori Shewchuk
James Simpson
Michelle Smith-Strand
Arthur Snyder
Joseph Stieber
Gregory White
A. Dian Yeremian

—Lauren Barbieri
SLAC Today, April 6, 2011