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Property Control—It's Up to You

You would never leave money sitting out in a public place and turn your back on it—even for just a minute—would you? Would you put your cash in checked luggage or leave it on the backseat of your car? Well, of course not. The same should hold true for your SLAC laptop and other government property. Please treat your laptop and other valuable equipment and tools as though they were cash, whether you are on or off site. You play the most important part in protecting and accounting for SLAC property.

The SLAC property accountability and control program is administered by the Property Control group. This includes the physical inventory and reporting to the Department of Energy. Special inventories and reports may be required by non-SLAC owners, such as research sponsoring agencies, of equipment in the custody of SLAC staff. SLAC has a responsibility to make sure DOE directives, regulations and orders are followed as well. Property is accounted for from "cradle to grave." There are procedures to be followed when equipment is ordered, received, modified, moved, loaned or salvaged. The Property Control home page has useful information on these procedures, including a handy Property Protection and Use guide that you can print for future reference.

Here are some key points:

It is essential that all equipment in the custody of SLAC staff be accounted for at all times. SLAC custodians, supervisors, administrative staff and department heads are responsible for property accountability and control within their departments. Immediately report any missing or unaccounted property to SLAC Site Security no matter how old or obsolete the item is. This is especially important if your computer or laptop is missing. Don’t wait for the inventory team to come around. Report it as soon as its loss is known. Property Control will receive a copy of the report and will retire the asset in the property database. It will be reinstated when the item is found.

Equipment purchased by SLAC/DOE funds is issued a property control number if the value is $500 or greater. For equipment that costs less than $500, affix a government property label. All sensitive property needs to be marked regardless of cost. Flash or thumb drives must have a label that states "No PII."

Computers, laptops and other computer peripherals that are no longer in use should be turned in to your computer administrator. When you or your department has non-computer equipment you no longer need, the items need to go to SLAC Salvage for reuse or disposal. First, fill out a salvage form. You can either take the item to Salvage or arrange for pickup with Labor Pool (x8901). On some occasions Salvage (x2329) may be able to assist you with the pickup. You are the property custodian until the item is received at Salvage, so don’t leave it in an unsecure location while waiting for pickup. When Salvage receives the item you will be issued a receipt and/or an online transfer will be sent to the property custodian. If you don’t get a receipt, contact Salvage.

If you have questions or need assistance, contact the Property Control Group (x4350) or visit the Property Control website.

—Simon Ovrahim and Leslie Normandin
SLAC Today, March 31, 2011