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Electronic Time and Effort Entry Coming Soon

Have you ever wondered why it is that SLAC does cutting edge physics research, yet we still use a pen and paper for recording our time and effort? Well, wonder no more; we'll be moving to an electronic system later this summer!

The change was originally anticipated for spring 2011, but the engagement of our vendor for this new type of service was a bit complicated. We are now making good progress, thanks to the focused efforts of the vendor, our core team from the Office of the Chief Finance Officer, Human Resources Department and Business IT, and the assistance of our extended business team, or EBT*. Our new web-based system will be tested by users in May, then rolled out to a pilot group in June and the whole lab in August this year. The new system, created by WorkForce Software, will offer an online form to enter time or effort for all SLAC employees who currently fill out a paper time/effort sheet. The system will improve managers' ability to review time or effort before posting and to make subsequent inquiries. It will be integrated with systems already in use at SLAC, including Windows and PeopleSoft, and will be quick and easy to use. It will dramatically cut down on administrative errors and inefficiencies.

Training will be created and tested prior to and during the pilot run. Therefore, by the time the entire lab is on the system, effective training will be ready. Watch for further announcements about demos, training and progress, or speak to your area's EBT member.

* Participating on the extended business team are: Elizabeth Caplun (SSRL), Stephanie Carlson (SSRL), Teri Church (OCIO), Gail Fong (Operations), Sandra Honl (LCLS), Tana Hutchison (OCFO), Yelena Khaymovich (Payroll), Cindy Lowe (Accelerator Directorate), Ramona Miahnahri (HR), Linda Price (PPA), Claudia Ransom (HR). Martha Siegel (PPA/KIPAC), Debbie Tryforos (PPA), Michelle Young (PULSE/PSD) and Lori Zscherpel (Controller).

—Tana Hutchison
SLAC Today, April 18, 2011