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SMART Walkthrough Data Entry System Updated

One of the key attributes of an excellent safety management system is that line managers periodically take steps to reinforce safety with personal visits and walkthroughs to verify that their expectations are being met. Line managers:

  • Practice visible leadership in the field by placing "eyes on the problem," coaching, mentoring and reinforcing standards and positive behaviors.
  • Maintain a strong focus on the safe conduct of work activities.
  • Maintain awareness of key performance indicators related to safe work accomplishment, watch carefully for adverse trends or indications, and take prompt action to understand adverse trends and anomalies.
  • Set an example for safety throughout the organization through their direct involvement in continuous learning by themselves and their followers on topics related to technical understanding and safety improvement.
  • Are skilled in responding to employee questions in an open, honest manner.
  • Encourage and appreciate the reporting of safety issues and errors.
  • Do not discipline employees for reporting errors.
  • Encourage a vigorous questioning attitude toward safety, and constructive dialogues and discussions on safety matters.

In 2008 SLAC developed the SMART Walkthrough system to log and measure these useful interactions with the staff. Now we have revised the data entry screen to put the emphasis on elements of work planning and control. Another major element of the revision was to remove the need for an administrator to assign an individual to a directorate and to areas to be walked. The new system allows any person with a SLAC computer account to report results from a walkthrough conducted anywhere on site. Another change is to reduce the number of specific observations, which require clicking on many boxes. Instead the supervisor is encouraged to discuss work planning and control implementation and document feedback of worker’s understanding of WPC. Additional changes:

  • Time spent on walkthrough added.
  • Number of people observed added.
  • Text entry boxes are now "Positive Observations" and "Problems."
  • Up to three additional observers can be listed and receive credit for a walkthrough entered by one person.
  • Printable Walkthroughs Tips are available to assist the process.
  • "ES&H assistance" link sends e-mail to for urgent follow-up.

—Stephen Williams
SLAC Today, May 10, 2010