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Holiday Shutdown Reminder: Work and Site Access during the Holidays

As you are all aware, SLAC will shut down over the winter holiday, beginning at the end of business on Friday, December 17, and returning to normal operations on Monday, January 3. The shutdown period is intended to give employees a chance to take time off and enjoy the holidays. We in the senior management hope you are able to rest and regenerate during this time in order to return in 2011 for another exciting and eventful year at SLAC.

Some "yellow" and "red" work activities essential to support SLAC science, safety or security have been approved to be performed during the shutdown. All essential staff has been notified of the approved work details. If you have any questions regarding the approval of work over the holiday shutdown, please contact your supervisor.

Exempt employees who voluntarily decide to come to their offices to perform "green" work during the shutdown period will not be prohibited from doing so, unless power is off in the specific building. Only the Sand Hill Gate will be open during the shutdown and everyone will need to check in with Security staff at the front gate. Security will check the authorized list and will inform the staff member if "green" work is not permitted in certain buildings.

Employees who are required to work during the shutdown, with prior approval of their ALD, will be paid normal wages in lieu of using vacation or PTO. Non-exempt employees must have permission from their manager to perform any work during the shutdown. Exempt employees who voluntarily decide to come to their offices to perform "green" work during the shutdown period may not record work hours in lieu of vacation or PTO during the shutdown period.

Also, in an effort to conserve energy, some SLAC buildings will have minimum heat and lighting during the holiday shutdown. These buildings are listed online here.

If you are on-site and there is an emergency, you should use normal reporting protocols: for non-life-threatening emergencies, dial extension 5555. For life-threatening emergencies, call 911, and after reporting the emergency to the dispatcher, notify SLAC Security at extension 5555.

If you are on-site and need to contact SLAC Facilities, Security staff will have a list of personnel contacts and on-duty mechanics and electricians. Staff at the main gate will also have a copy of that list, and can be contacted at extension 2551.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday season.

—Alexander Merola
SLAC Today, December 17, 2010