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New SLAC Vehicles On-site

One of the new SLAC electric vehicles. (Photo courtesy Ken Rubino.)

By now many of you may have seen an entourage of new SLAC vehicles, on site since the beginning of this month, a result of SLAC's commitment to begin retiring many of the aged electric carts and mopeds with new and improved road-compliant vehicles, including bicycles. To date, SLAC has replaced approximately 25 electric carts and 22 mopeds with more than 35 new electric low-speed vehicles. Many of the replaced vehicles were several years old, even decades old, and were ready for retirement. The replacement vehicles are energy efficient, environmentally friendly, safe and just plain fun to drive!

"It gets up and goes," Mark Tindall of the ES&H Radiation Protection group said of the group's new electric truck. The vehicles do have a bit of a learning curve, he noted. "I was surprised to find out you should fully discharge the battery before charging up again, to build the battery life." Users should be sure to read the vehicle manual to ensure good battery performance and safe operation of vehicle heaters.

The lab has also been fortunate that several individuals who were previously custodians of mopeds have agreed to use new bicycles, instead of powered vehicles. More than two dozen bicycles have been provided, with extra features including heavy duty locks and cargo baskets.

Requests for new vehicles should be approved by the requestor's directorate. Once the funding is approved, the Facilities Transportation Department will obtain the customer's requirements and match them to a vehicle meeting the approved SLAC Safety, Environmental, and Energy Efficiency Standards

—from the SLAC Facilities Division
SLAC Today, November 12, 2010