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Site Access during Winter Shutdown

From 6 p.m. on Friday, December 18, until 6 a.m. on Monday, January 4, the lab will be in full Winter Shutdown mode. During this time period, all employees not directly supporting essential activities are encouraged to take time off and enjoy the holidays.

Over the past couple of weeks, lab management has been evaluating proposed projects and activities that to ensure that we have coordinated the necessary support services and that the activities that were classified in our new Work Planning and Control system as "Yellow" and "Red." A key determination in prioritizing our resources is whether these activities are truly necessary to the mission of the lab and can be safely and efficiently conducted during the shutdown period.

Those employees who have been approved by their managers to work during the shutdown are requested to comply with the following.

  • Project Managers for the approved Yellow and Red work activities will have provided Security with a list of personnel approved for their projects. Your name will be checked off the list when you arrive. If you are scheduled to work on a Yellow or Red work activity and are not on the list, Security will contact the project manager to confirm before signing you in.
  • Employees authorized to come in to work on Green work activities do not have to be on the preapproved activity list, but will be logged in and asked what building they will be working in. This is to help ensure safety in case there is an emergency during this period.
  • Several buildings (e.g., Buildings 15, 245, 478, etc.) will be without power for the entire two weeks. No work will be authorized in these buildings, and the building managers of those affected buildings should have notified occupants.
  • On Saturday, December 26 and Sunday, December 27, the entire phone system will be taken out of service due to critical component replacement work. On both days, access to the site will be restricted to those persons pre-authorized to support projects on those days. Project managers for these work groups will be assigned two-way radios to communicate with Security in the event of an emergency. If you are not on the authorization list, you will not be allowed on site. To ensure safety accountability, when you leave the site you'll be signed out at the main security gate (Sand Hill).
  • If you have on-call responsibility, the line manager responsible for the affected area will contact Security and inform them that you will be coming in to provide any requested or essential support operations

—Craig Ferguson
SLAC Today, December 18, 2009