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People: La Shelle Manning Brings New People—and Energy—to SLAC

Lashelle Manning
La Shelle Manning.
(Photo by Lauren Knoche.)

La Shelle Manning has turned being a people-person into a career. The new recruiter for SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory has had instant success in her role, receiving acceptance on all offers extended in her three months at SLAC.

The cheerful California native has fourteen years of experience on her side. After graduating from California State University, Hayward, Manning started work as a shipping and receiving manager before taking a position as a technical support representative. She quickly realized that the technical support position was not for her. A college advisor suggested she apply to be a recruiter at a small boutique agency. She took a chance and has been hooked ever since.

"It may sound cheesy, but as a recruiter, you become part of someone's life," Manning said. She has built many relationships through her career and still talks to people she recruited to companies five to ten years ago.

"As a recruiter, you have the opportunity to assist and counsel people on making important life decisions about their career and community where they would work," Manning said. "You are the face of the company, the first person an applicant often sees or talks to. So it's important that you are well-versed about the company, positions and excited about what you do."

Being a recruiter keeps Manning busy. In a week she can expect to receive new requisitions, meet with hiring managers, find new candidates, conduct interviews and extend offers to hires. Aside from a few differences in processes and procedures, recruiting at SLAC is similar to other companies Manning has worked for.

"I haven't run into any atypical challenges here," Manning said. "For the most part, people know who we are and are excited about the possibility of working at SLAC."

It is this positive energy that makes Manning love being a SLACer. "I like to be around upbeat, positive people," Manning said. "The people here are great and I'm part of a wonderful team."

Manning's attitude towards her position is one that she hopes her recruits also take at SLAC.

"We all have to work," she said, "but it's important that we find something that works for us."

—Lauren Knoche
SLAC Today, October 14, 2009