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SLAC Awards 2009 Globies

(Photo - Globie statuette)

The 2009 Employee Recognition Awards ("Globies") have been awarded this year to 17 deserving recipients across SLAC:

  Allyson Aranda
Anders Borgland
Matthew Cramar
Natalie Cramar
William Harrison
Ardie Jacob
Bart Johnson
J Langton
Lance Lougee
Nancy Matlin
Ruth McDunn
Jeremy Pigula
Carl Rago
Chris Ramirez
Mike Toney
Terry Tuck
Joan Valine

The Globie awards are about people who demonstrate SLAC's Core Values. They promote respect, integrity, diversity and citizenship in the workplace.

Some of the things mentioned in the nominations this year were:

This last year he has helped with so many various projects and he never lets me down. I just pick up the phone and say "I need your help" and like a superhero he comes and helps me out.
The foundation of her success is her commitment to people and SLAC. Those who work with her at the laboratory take special efforts to let me know how much they appreciate her courteous, helpful interactions. People trust her. She takes the initiative to understand how both individuals and the organization can best be served.
His never-failing ability to remain calm, focused, polite, and effective while dealing with (sometimes frustrating) issues and to get them resolved in a timely manner was truly impressive. I can truly say that he comes to work every day with the intention of not only doing the best job that he can, but to accomplish this in a manner that is constructive and helpful.
Her extraordinary leadership has enabled her to staff to grow to their potential. She has established herself as a supervisor who values each employee’s contribution. She works hard to nurture individual skills and to mentor staff. She has placed high value on positive feedback, coaching and team building. The result is a whirlpool of productivity of efficiency, as well as high morale of her staff.

Thank you to everybody who sent in a nomination, and congratulations to the 2009 awardees!

—Carmella Huser
SLAC Today, September 11, 2009