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Survey Inspires Changes at Linear Café

Over 200 members of the SLAC community offered their opinions in the February 2009 online survey conducted by the management of the SLAC's Linear Café, the Epicurean Group. Many changes have already been made in response to that survey:

  • Vegetarian Choices: More vegetarian entrée/sandwich/salad choices each day.

  • Whole Wheat Pasta/Brown Rice: Healthy selections now feature brown rice and organic whole wheat pasta featured several days a week.

  • Pizza: House-made pizza is now featured every other week. This special includes a personal pan or 2 slices of pizza and a side salad for $5.25 and will be included in the "Frugal Buffet" offering.

  • Baked Potato Bar: This has been eliminated as a daily item because it was not a popular regular buffet item.

  • The "Frugal Buffet": The Linear Café has added this buffet to their menu once a week. Look for the taco bar, pasta bar, baked potato bar, and pizza—all priced at $5.25 to $5.50, depending on the selection.

  • Salad Bar: Added four new dressings, including: a daily low calorie dressing, oil and vinegar, all with better labeling. And more greens such as spinach and spring mix, and more toppings, everyday!

  • Early Bird Specials: Are now back Monday through Friday.

  • Tossed Order: Back daily by popular demand!

  • Fruit Bar in Summer: Look for fruit spear cups in the reach-in cooler.

  • Burrito Bar: Increased topping selections.

  • Hot Sandwiches/Panini: The Epicurean Group is in the process of purchasing a commercial sandwich press so they can prepare house tortas, panini, and other hot sandwiches.

Additional changes are coming as a result of the recent survey. Feedback and comments can be made at any time by contacting Robin Martinez, Manager of SLAC's Linear Café, at x2615.

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. The staff at the Linear Café look forward to serving you soon!

—Doug Kreitz
SLAC Today, June 25, 2009