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Announcement: New Publication: ESH Manual, Chapter 2, Work Planning and Control

The following ESH document has been published:

Document: ESH Manual, Chapter 2, "Work Planning and Control"
Date: 18 June 2009
Date Effective: 31 August 2009

This is a major substantive revision reflecting the work planning and control program being developed in response to a corrective action (SLAC-OIO-2006-C2-9, CATS ID 3865) stemming from the DOE Office of Internal Oversight review. Significant changes are as follows:

  1. The scope of the chapter is being changed to focus solely on work planning and control. The chapter is accordingly being retitled "Work Planning and Control".
  2. A new procedure describing in detail how activity-level work is to be authorized and released, using a graded approach varying by type of work (green, yellow, red), has been developed. The job hazard analysis and mitigation (JHAM) process is being replaced by other forms of authorization.
  3. Stop work policy has been clarified: every SLAC employee, subcontractor, user, and DOE employee has the authority and responsibility to stop work for conditions that pose an imminent danger. A new procedure has been developed detailing the steps to take.

The changes are scheduled to take effect at the end of August 2009, following completion of the initial rollout and training effort.

The following exhibits are being changed to reflect changes in the chapter:

  1. Work Planning and Control: Procedure. New
  2. Work Planning and Control: Stop Work Procedure. New
  3. Work Planning and Control: Stop Work Form. New
  4. Work Authorization: Subcontractor Stop Activity/Work Requirements (SLAC-I-720-0A21S-004). Cancelled
  5. ES&H Guideline, "Determining Unsafe Activities" (SLAC-I-730-0A21T-001). Cancelled

This revision replaces the existing Chapter 2, "Work Authorization", published in June 2007.

To view the revision description and review history for this revision, go to

If you have comments you would like considered in the next revision, go to Review Type: Ongoing at the bottom of the left-hand pane and click on Add a comment.

For questions on the content of this chapter, contact Leslie A. Stepanek (

óWayne Heiser
SLAC Today, June 22, 2009