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SLAC Sets Tour Guidelines

SLAC has temporarily suspended its tour program, allowing organizers the chance to redesign the program to better reflect the laboratory's research focus. The new tour program is expected to launch in 2009.

To enable staff to arrange tours for family and friends or to conduct SLAC business-related visits for colleagues during the suspension period, the laboratory Directorate has approved the following guidelines:

Tours for family and friends should not exceed 4 visitors at any one time. If you are planning tours for family and friends after hours and/or on the weekends, you must request permission and obtain the proper badge prior to the visit during the regular workday. Tour badges will not be distributed after hours or on the weekends.

You will be able to take your visitors to your work site and the public areas that are normally included in our tour. The public areas include the Klystron Gallery's Visitor Alcove and the Research Yard overlook closest to the Sector 30 gate.

Before conducting a tour you must comply with the following guidelines:

- You must have a current SLAC badge.

- You must notify Security to let them know the names of the visitors and the date and approximate time of the tour. Please contact Simon Ovrahim at x2310.

- You must inform the Office of Safety and Security Badge Office of any tours you will be conducting. The Badge Office is located in Building 207. Contact Denise Tomlin at x5345 or Alan Salazar at x3896.

- The Badge Office will determine the type of badge required and appropriate paperwork to be completed.

- When taking a group to a location other than the public areas (for example, the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, the Linac Coherent Light Source construction site and BaBar) You must obtain permission from the person in charge of those areas prior to the tour:

     SSRL: Contact Cathy Knotts at x3191
     LCLS: Contact Daphne Mitchell at x5377
     BaBar: Contact Bill Wisniewski at x4890

- Tours entering any Radiologically Controlled Areas (RCAs) must obtain permission in writing from Jim Allan in the Radiation Protection Department at x4064.

- You must observe all safety protocol and signage and be responsible for the safety of those on the tour.

Susan Schultz, SLAC Today, March 25, 2008