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SLAC Summer Internship Presentations

Thursday, August 14, 2008, 8:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Redwood Room (A&B), Research Office Buildling (ROB)

Accelerator Physics

8:45–9:00 Mathew Brown:  "Developing a New Trigger System for the Klystron Department Test Lab"
9:02–9:17 Guy Grubbs: Accelerator
9:19–9:34 Jachin Spencer: "Analysis of the Fiducial Timing System of the Fiducial Timing System for the LCLS"
9:36–9:51 Ian Bullock: "Design and Fabrication of a Q-BPM Calibration Signal for the ATF2"
9:53–10:08 Sara Campbell:  "Accelerating and Focusing Modes in Photonic Band Gap Fibers"
10:10–10:25 Ernest Irish: "Measuring synchrotron electron bunch size with an optical interferometer"



10:40–10:55 Theodore Marschall: "Optimizing Function Fitting for Large, Over-determined Systems with Applications to Accelerator Physics"
10:57–11:12 Roxanne Martinez: "Performance Monitoring of SLAC Blackbox Nodes Using Perl, Nagios, and Ganglia"
11:14–11:29 Karina Roitman:  "Massive Correlated Data Analysis: Predicting the Future with Numbers"



11:31–11:46 Patrick Ho:  "Semi-Analytical Simulations of the Era of Reionization"
11:48–12:03 Tony Li: "Simulations of Core Collapse Supernovae,"
12:05–12:20 Katherine Rosenfeld:  "Astro: Data from Suzaku"
12:22–12:37 Adam Zok:  "Astro: GLAST"


Photon Physics

1:30–1:45 Maria Gonzolez " "Probing the Dissociation of Thiocyanate Salt using 2D-IR"
1:47–2:02 Stanley Quan:  "Determining the Structure of Manganese Oxides using X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy"
2:04–2:19 Alyssa Roessler:  "Microstructure and Stress in the Biological Composite Nacre"
2:21–2:36 Dina Flamik:  "Kinetics of the Superionic transition of Cu2S"



2:38–2:53 Maya Pearson: "Feedback for LCLS"
2:55–3:10 Tahiem Williams: "Planning and Designing"
3:12–3:27 Martin Diaz: "Testing Chip for SNAP"
3:29–3:44 David Adams: "Incremental improvements for SPEAR3 control system"


Writing and Evaluation

4:00–4:15 Zoe MacIntosh: "Science Writing Portfolio"
4:17–4:32 Zack Valdez: "STAR evaluation"


High Energy Physics

4:32–4:47 Marcus Baines: "Linking Field-Programmable Gate Arrays to LINUX Box"
4:49–5:04 Keith Fratus: "A physics analysis of a particle flow algorithm for use with the SiD detector"
5:06–5:21 Pelham Keahey: "Silicon Dectector Design Study Tracking Analysis Software Development for the Internation Linear Collider"
5:23–5:28 Elizabeth Mullin: "Rare and Forbidden Decays in the Standard Model"

—Susan Schultz
SLAC Today, August 12, 2008