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SLAC at the LHC

LHC First Beam Day at the CERN Control Center. (Photo courtesy of CERN. Click for larger image.)

The world's largest science experiment, the Large Hadron Collider, was designed and built by researchers from all around the world, including SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. SLAC has been involved in designing and building the ATLAS (A Toroidal LHC ApparatuS) detector since mid-2006, when the lab officially joined the collaboration. Since then, SLAC has become an ATLAS Tier 2 computing center and begun contributing to efforts on the ATLAS pixel detector and high-level trigger system. In addition, many SLAC researchers currently work on the LHC accelerator and theoretical studies. Overall, eight SLAC researchers are based at CERN, with another 10 to 15 working there part-time and about 50 others working on LHC projects from SLAC.

—Kelen Tuttle
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