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Photo of the Day: Community Emergency Response Training

Front (from left): PAFD Emergency Manager Barbara Cimino, SLAC Fire Marshal Ralph Kerwin, Luis Enrique Perez, Gregg Thayer, Michelle Steger, Barb Fuller, Oscar Frener, Eric Bong and PAFD Captain Mike Cameron. Back (from left): PAFD Engineer Tom Cook, PAFD Paramedic Tom Oslar, Gary Buhrmaster, Ruth McDunn, Jesse Peralta, Roland Kurz, Lance Simms, David Martin, Jim Healy, SLAC Emergency Management Coordinator and Assistant Fire Marshal Lance Lougee, PAFD Assistant Emergency Manager Paul Lufkin. (Click on image for larger version.)

The primary mission of SERT is to assist emergency responders with light search and rescue and triage and treatment activities in the event of a catastrophic emergency such as an earthquake. For more information, please visit the SERT website

SLAC Today, February 6, 2008