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Loop Road Traffic Restrictions and Partial Closure

As part of the Safety and Operational Reliability Improvements Project (S&ORIP), pre-construction (potholing) and construction activities related to the underground chilled and hot water pipes replacement in the areas between B137 (LOS), B050 (SCCS) and B023 (utility plant), will tentatively begin the week of May 5 .

This project will involve replacing and/or re-routing aging underground chilled and hot water lines between B137 and The Utility Tunnel opposite the Sec 30/Loop Road intersection.

See key map here: Map of Loop Road Interruptions During Construction

Area to be closed is the shaded section of the loop rood between B050 and B137. Potholing is essential to safely locate existing underground utilities to minimize possibility of unanticipated utility strikes during powered excavating. Potholing will create local inconveniences for Loop Road traffic between B137 and Sec 30 road. Although total road closure is not anticipated for the potholing activities, there will be applicable signage posted at and/or adjacent to the work areas for general traffic safety.

For the actual replacement of the underground chilled and hot water pipes, the Loop Road will be closed between B137 and Sec 30 for safety and to accommodate excavating equipment and construction activity. This road closure will begin approximately mid to end of May 2008 and will continue for several weeks. There will be additional information posted in the SLAC Today, Access section for traffic instructions and construction duration updates beginning the week of May 5.

Any questions, concerns or comments, please contact:

Jack Fry, x4512 Pager:650-424-7783


Harry Shin, x4311 Pager:650-424-7473