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The LCLS in Pictures

An LCLS technician secures wiring connections to a quadrupole steering magnet in the Undulator Hall.

Two of the three dump magnets await installation at the end of the Undulator Hall. The dump magnets separate the electron beam from the X-ray beam. The electron beam is then discarded a few meters downstream.

Inside the Beam Dump area. The black support girders will carry the beam pipe that angles the used electron beam into the beam dump, which safely absorbs the energy of the discarded electrons.

Construction continues in the X-ray tunnel, which carries the X-ray beam away from the Near Experimental Hall and into the Far Experimental Hall.

The Far Experimental Hall will house a series of experimental hutches. Here, crews in the the FEH are finishing up utility installation. The corridor at the right leads outside behind Building 750.

In the Far Experimental Hall, looking west into the X-ray Tunnel toward the Near Experimental Hall.

Here, daylight is visible at the end of the Access Tunnel behind Building 750. So far, half of the duct work has been installed, with ring-shaped metal brackets ready for the remaining ducts, seen here on the tunnel floor.

photos and text by Brad Plummer
SLAC Today, October 3, 2008