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SLAC Kids Day 2008

(Photo - kids gather at SLAC)What do hydro-rockets, telescopes, paleontology, electric motors, 3-D microscope images and 220 excited children have in common? The 2008 SLAC Kid's Day event held on August 15th.

(Photo - kids gather at SLAC)The SLAC community pulled together to make this year's event incredible, offering 18 different science and engineering workshops to children between the ages of 9 and 16. It was amazing to see the students' eyes light up as they participated in the hands-on activities and walked away with an assortment of personal memories and treasures.

It truly takes a village to make Kid's Day a success! Organizers Barry Webb and Susan Schultz want to extend a special thank you to the dedicated workshop leaders and their teams, who volunteered their time to make this event a huge success. This would not happen without you!

Eleanor Schofield, William White, Educardo do Couto e Silva and Uwe Bergmann presented informative talks about their research and shared their excitement of science. Ruth McDunn stepped in to photograph the day's events. Lance Lougee assisted the committee to ensure the safety of the children. Finally, a special thank you goes out to Stephanie Carlson and the Kid's Day Team for making this a great day out for the SLAC Community children.

(Photo - kids gather at SLAC)

—Susan Schultz
SLAC Today, August 18, 2008


Photos: SLAC volunteers hosted 220 children for talks and workshops at Kids Day 2008. Among workshops in optics, magnetics and more, kids built water-driven soda bottle rockets (above left, launch above right). See more photos from links on the SLAC Kids Day 2008 home page.