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SLAC Awards 2008 Globies

(Image - Globie)The 2008 Employee Recognition Awards ("Globies") have been awarded this year to 35 deserving recipients across SLAC:

Lauren Barbieri
Paul Bellomo
Toni Campos
Stephanie Carlson
Santa Chatterji
Nancy Crow
Joe Diaz
Milorad Dragovic
Wanda Elliott
Kamil Etem
Kay Ganapathi
Dwight Harbaugh
John Healy
Raymond Lo
Thanh Ly
Tu Ly
Lupe Makasyuk
Daphne Mitchell
Michelle Montalvo
Robyn Mosset
Hector Prado
Joel Prado
Queenie Quiazon
Farah Rahbar
Amy Rutherford
Jinhu Song
Lorenzo Soria
Joseph Stafford
Gregory Stewart
Madhu Swaminathan
Frank Topper
Keith Washington
Larissa Williams
Mark Woodley
Charles Young

The Globie awards are about people promoting a positive, respectful and harmonious work environment. They are about good citizenship and making SLAC an enjoyable place to work.

Some of the things mentioned in the nominations this year were:

As a co-worker, I really appreciate being on the same team; she makes work fun, and with her help projects are easier and completed more quickly. She consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and a lot of grace—this is why she deserves to receive an employee recognition award.

He is deserving of a Globie. He goes out of his way to lend a hand when one is needed, such as cleaning department storage areas or helping someone with field work, even if it means he has to stay late to squeeze his work in too. Although I've heard him say no, it's a rare event.

She has filled those shoes extremely admirably, not only in her high degree of competence, but more importantly (for this award) in the attitude she brings to work every day. She is unfailingly pleasant and cheerful, and always treats everyone she meets with courtesy and respect, independent of "rank."

He radiates a calming presence that immediately relaxes co-workers, reminding them even without words that SLAC has everyone's best interest in mind and he is ever ready and willing to help promote harmony and a helping hand. He is a deeply respectful and supportive colleague who helps bring out the best in others and SLAC.

Thank you to everybody who sent in a nomination, and congratulations to the 2008 awardees!

Carmella Huser, SLAC Today, June 12, 2008