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Seeking 2008 Employee Recognition Award Nominations

Every year, SLAC honors the people who make their coworker's lives better by being here. The annual SLAC Employee Recognition Awards are given to people nominated by you and, based on the information you provide, are selected by a committee representing all SLAC divisions. Last year, the committee received 165 nominations and 41 people received an award.

The 2008 awards are open for nominations through May 30th. Nominations can be submitted online or using a hardcopy form that will arrive in SLAC mailboxes this week. You may nominate up to three people (please submit separate forms for each person nominated).

A recipient of the Employee Recognition Awards gets a "Globie" (a glass globe with a plaque), a Certificate of Recognition, his or her picture on the Wall of Fame in Building 41, a letter from the Director that will go into the employee's Personnel file, an Award Luncheon at the Faculty Club, and the knowledge that a coworker respects him or her enough to make the nomination.

"The surprise that I had been nominated was overwhelming. Receipt of the Globie means a great deal to me. It is recognition by one's peers of making a difference and worthwhile accomplishment." (Dave Ficklin, 2007 awardee)

These awards are about people promoting a positive, respectful, and harmonious work environment. They are not awards for high performance; they are about good citizenship and making people enjoy being here at SLAC.

People are nominated for:
  Going out of their way to help others
  Working cooperatively with others
  Volunteering at SLAC activities not directly related to their job
  Treating others with courtesy and respect
  Pitching in when help is needed
  Doing a variety of positive things to make the work environment more inviting

Please consider the people you work with, and think about who has "made a difference" for you and others. If you know somebody you would like to nominate, fill out the nomination form by May 30th. Awards for 2008 will be given in June, based on the six criteria listed above.

Larissa Williams, SLAC Today, May 1, 2008