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SLAC Subcouncils Team with Operations to Support SLAC Science

Operations Director Alexander Merola.

It is only fitting that I begin my first Friday column by stating that the principle motivator of the Operations Directorate is to ensure the scientific competitiveness of SLAC in a safe and environmentally sound manner. Thus, it is imperative that priorities of the Operations Directorate be strongly coupled to the scientific priorities of the lab. The SLAC subcouncils are key to this alignment.

There are a number of ways in which Operations ensures a strong coupling to SLAC science. First, we participate in the creation of the SLAC/Department of Energy 10-year business plan. From that, the SLAC agenda is derived, reflecting senior management agreement as to how Operations can best serve SLAC's scientific mission. Where the rubber hits the road, SLAC subcouncils representing each of the directorates interface with Operations to align specific activities with the needs of SLAC scientists.

Subcouncils are a formal part of the SLAC Executive Council. They will provide Operations leadership with user input about current and future activities—serving as a key source of user requirements and performance feedback. All major changes in service, infrastructure, policy and user procedures will be made in consultation with the subcouncils. Subcouncil members are expected to provide broad and thorough communication between members of their directorates and Operations.

Subcouncils have been formed for the Business Services; Environment, Safety and Health; Facilities; Human Resources; Information Technology; Procurement and Scientific Computing divisions. The complete membership list (including your directorate's representative) is available on the Operations Web site.

We in Operations look forward to more fully serving the SLAC mission and partnering with the scientific community at every opportunity. We expect the subcouncils will serve an important role in achieving that goal.

—Alexander Merola
SLAC Today, September 26, 2008