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Secretary of Energy Bodman Recognizes SLAC Employee

(Photo - Perry Anthony with his award)SLAC physicist Perry Anthony has received the Secretary's Appreciation Award in recognition of his contributions to the Department of Energy Electrical Safety Improvement Project team.

The Secretary's Appreciation Awards are given to federal or contract employees for noteworthy contributions to the DOE beyond the scope of their normal work responsibilities. Frank Russo, senior advisor for Environment, Safety and Health in the National Nuclear Security Administration, made the presentation on behalf of Secretary of Energy Samuel W. Bodman at the recent Electrical Safety Meeting and Workshops, held July 28 through August 1 in Golden, Colorado. Frank presented a total of 14 awards to key members of the DOE Electrical Safety Improvement Project team.

Perry, a 15-year SLAC employee, served as SLAC's electrical safety officer from December 2004 through December 2007. During this time, he was active in DOE infrastructure-wide electrical safety projects, including improved electrical safety training, guidance and oversight tools, and development of national consensus standards to address DOE research and development electrical hazards. One of Perry's proudest achievements was ensuring modifications to federal regulation 10CFR851 to include specific mention of electrical safety. This modified text included language allowing DOE facilities to develop standards and practices tailored to their unique hazards, which may require special considerations compared to Occupational Safety & Health Administration and national standards. After stepping down as electrical safety officer, Perry joined the Particle Physics and Astrophysics Electronics and Software Engineering group, where he is developing controls and data acquisition systems for the upcoming Linac Coherent Light Source and LCLS Ultrafast Science Instruments.

For more information about the work of the DOE Electrical Safety Improvement Project team and useful tools developed by the team, see the Energy Facility Contractor's Group Electrical Safety Web pages and the DOE Center of Excellence for Electrical Safety.

—Vickee Flynn
SLAC Today, August 18, 2008