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LCLS Construction Photo Update

Progress on the Linac Coherent Light Source conventional facilities continues at a rapid pace, and has reached a point where hardware installation is set to begin in the next few weeks. Inside the tunnels, survey crews have installed alignment monuments, and last week workers applied the final epoxy finish to the floors. The Central Utilities Plant now has two chillers and a boiler installed, and electrical and sewer connections are underway. The Near Experimental Hall is taking shape with workers putting the final touches to the experimental and office areas, while technicians install elevator hardware and make final utility connections. Outside, earth movers have covered the Front End Enclosure and Beam Dump with soil, and are now putting the final grade to the parking lots at the NEH and outside the Collider Hall.

Crews are putting the finishing touches on the exterior of the Beam Transport Hall bisecting the Research Yard.


Looking west down the Undulator Hall toward the Beam Transport Hall.


The freshly epoxied Head House, which connects the linac to the Beam Transport Hall, looking west toward the Beam Switch Yard.


SLAC University Technical Representatives Richard Maggi (left) and Dumitru Ciorbea at the connection point where the LCLS Head House meets the Beam Transport Hall, cordoned off while fresh floor epoxy dries.


A member of the LCLS construction team paints a handrail at the entrance to the Head House.


Earth movers have now covered over the Front End Enclosure and Beam Dump at the Near Experimental Hall and Central Utilities Plant.


Inside the Near Experimental Hall "sub-basement" where the experimental hutches are located (at left of image).


Inside the Central Utilities Plant, a worker installs electrical fittings.


Two water chillers are now installed in the Central Utilities Plant, ready for final connections.


Brad Plummer, SLAC Today, March 17, 2008