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Communications Office Launches New Website

The beating virtual heart of SLAC's Office of Communications has a new homepage, where employees, users and visitors from around the world can explore the work that goes on beneath the pink flamingos of Buildings 266 and 267.

The site, developed by SLAC InfoMedia Solutions and the Office of Communications, provides information on the latest news about SLAC and offers access to the Office's diverse offerings: Community Outreach, Education, Press and Media and Staff Resources.

The Community Outreach subsite contains information on the public lecture and colloquium series, as well as SLAC's acclaimed tours.

The Office of Education pages provide information on educational programs for educators and students of all levels, with a special section devoted to encouraging SLAC staff to become mentors.

In the Press and Media section, web surfers can also learn about the Office of Communications' role in the press and media and can access promotional publications, press releases and information about the office's science writing internship.

In addition to promoting the lab's science to the public, the Office of Communication is also devoted to providing resources for the SLAC staff. In the Staff Resources subsite, employees can publicize upcoming events, find brochures and publications and learn about the lab's wide suite of multimedia services.

According to former Communications Czar Neil Calder, "this new website reflects the dynamism of the best science communication in the world."

Elizabeth Buchen, SLAC Today, January 4, 2008