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PEP-II Prepares to Deliver Higher Luminosity

The Accelerator Systems Division has completed a number of upgrades that ready PEP-II to deliver stronger currents and higher luminosity to the BaBar detector this year. In one of the projects, Mechanical Fabrication Department staff replaced five vacuum chambers near the interaction region where electrons and positrons collide in the detector. The new chambers will allow higher beam current, produce less outgassing, and undergo less movement as they warm up during operation. With the upgrades in place, the PEP team expects not only to increase luminosity significantly, but also to reduce background radiation to the detector and make the machine more stable and efficient to operate. Congratulations to all involved on a job well done.

Installation Images:

Mike Robertson, Oscar Guerra, Dan Peterswright, Jeff Garcia and Shan Fast

Shan Fast, Dan Peterswright and Jeff Garcia

Oscar Guerra and Dan Peterswright