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Ginter's Lens Returns to SLAC: Photo Gallery

Renowned photographer Peter Ginter returned to SLAC last November to collect a series of shots for an updated round of images of the lab, and the results of his efforts are now in. The aim of his most recent visit was to represent the unique relationship between SLAC and Stanford University, with a focus on the people who make that relationship possible.

Ginter's science photography has gained him a reputation for creating dramatic and eye-popping images—some of the most iconic images of SLAC are from his lens. The new images depict a range of SLAC and Stanford research in a variety of locations, including End Station B, the Sun Black Box, and a handful of beamlines at the Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, to name but a few.

Sarp Kaya at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory (SSRL) Beamline 5-2.

Dennis Nordlund at SSRL Beamline 5-2.

Graeme Card at the Molecular Observatory for Structural Molecular Biology.

Ralph Colon and Scott Jansson in the Magnetic Measurement Facility.

Ralph Colon in the Magnetic Measurement Facility.

Chuck Boeheim inside the Sun Black Box.

Brad Plummer inside the Sun Black Box.

Gunther Haller with the LAT test bed.

Stephen Williams, Charlotte Chang, Lowell Klaisner and Rachel Claus.

Yemi Adesanya (left) and Alf Wachsmann with the SC 07 display.

Chris Adolphsen and Janice Nelson in End Station B.

— Photos courtesy of Peter Ginter. Text by Brad Plummer, SLAC Today, December 4, 2007