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LCLS Construction Update

Construction on the Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) has reached a dizzying pace over the last few weeks.

A notable up-tick in tunneling activity occurred at the end of August as construction teams opened a third tunnel port behind the Collider Hall adjacent to the original Access Tunnel. Originally, only two tunnel ports were planned—the Access Tunnel and the Research Yard side of the Undulator Hall—but a third port was recently added to shorten the excavation schedule and save money. The new tunnel port will allow crews to simultaneously dig the connecting shaft between the Far Experimental Hall (FEH) and the Near Experimental Hall (NEH) while underground excavation for the FEH continues.

In August the NEH was declared a free-standing structure, marking the completion of a major milestone. Crews have now moved inside and are installing utilities. The process of backfilling around the NEH has also begun—once complete, the NEH will be only partially visible above ground.

This week the walls for the Front End Enclosure are also being poured. This structure connects to the NEH and will house beam diagnostic and control equipment. The final slab floor inside the Undulator Hall tunnel is also being poured beginning this week.

SLAC's Research Yard now has an entirely new look with the near completion of the Beam Transport Hall (BTH). Crews have completed pouring most of the meter-thick walls and roof, and have installed two support buildings atop the structure. This week crews will begin connecting the BTH to the Undulator Hall tunnel, marking the complete bisection of the Research Yard.

Keep tabs on the construction progress with the LCLS webcams, which give a bird's eye view of the action from two different locations. 


Recent LCLS construction images:

Workers install utilities and air ducts inside the Near Experimental Hall.

A worker measures an air duct inside the Near Experimental Hall.

The Front End Enclosure just after the walls were poured in late August.

The Research Yard with the nearly complete Beam Transport Hall.

Workers receive a load of metal ducts for the Near Experimental Hall.

The new third tunnel port, just adjacent to the Access Tunnel, behind the Collider Hall.

Photos courtesy of Brad Plummer