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SLAC Awards 2007 Globies

The 2007 Employee Recognition Awards ("globies") have been awarded this year to 41 deserving recipients across SLAC:

 Lisa Adair
 Allyson Aranda
 Roger Blandford
 Sean Brennan
 Charlotte Chang
 Merle Cramar
 Bernie Culver
 David Day
 Serena DeBeer
 Gabriel Diaz
 Eric Doyle
 Betty Eaton
 Edgar Estebanez
Dave Ficklin
Ernie Gomes
Jim Healy
Adrienne Higashi
Marvin Jones
Ralph Kerwin
Steve Khamis
Cathy Knotts
Terri Lahey
Aurora Liongson
Thanh Ly
Janice Nelson
Debbie Nicholson
Simon Ovrahim
Carlos Pereira
Mike Racine
Rosie Renteria
Victor J. Rey
Anita Riebhoff
Domingo Sanchez
John Skinner
James H. Smith
Michelle Steger
Jeff Tice
Kelen Tuttle
Barry Webb
Sam Webb
Susan Witebsky

The globie awards are about people promoting a positive, respectful, and harmonious work environment. They are about good citizenship and making people around them enjoy being here at SLAC. Congratulations to this year's recipients!

Some of the things mentioned in the nominations were:

I recently moved to this group and have been impressed by his sincere welcome and assistance. He has an infectious, positive outlook, no matter the problem and is eager to pitch in where help is needed. One of his mottos, said often with a smile, is "come on over... miracles performed daily."

He deserves a Globie and a medal for his conduct during the renovation of the Women's bathroom in the A&E Building! First, he patiently waited for 22 women (with 22 different ideas) to decide on floor and wall tile colors, and then he accepted with a smile all the complaints that the actual colors weren't really the same as they looked on the 1" square sample we had.

He is the very model of what a user support scientist should be at a synchrotron source. He is affable, helpful, always available, extremely bright, and confident. His expertise ranges from software development to beam line instrumentation, to laboratory experiments. This remarkable flexibility means that he is a tremendous resource to users, who instinctively come to him when they have tough questions.


When they got their notifications, here are some some of the things the 2007 Globie awardees had to say:

I'm tickled to get the award. I was surprised, as I didn't think I'd been here long enough to be in the running for that type of recognition. Here at SLAC, I enjoy feeling like I'm making a contribution and helping other people, and it's nice to be commended for that. (Ralph Kerwin)

I thought the envelope was a blood-drive announcement; when I learned it was a globie, I was stunned. It feels great to know that making an extra effort is really appreciated. (Steve Khamis)

I'm surprised—and thrilled—to be recognized in this way. It means a lot to know that people see me as part of what makes SLAC such a great place to work. (Kelen Tuttle)


Thank you to everybody who sent in a nomination this year, and congratulations to the 2007 awardees!


—Larissa Williams
   SLAC Today, April 25, 2007